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Gergana Atanasova

Gergana Atanasova is the owner and manager of the kennel for Rottweiler „Geriat’s Merry Dogs” which is member of NRC (National Rottweiler Club) - BRFC (Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology) – FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) – IFR (International Federation of Rottweiler friends).

Gergana Atanasova is an outstanding professional with a large experience. She is member of the Bulgarian Rottweiler’s club. She performs at the club the position of chief selectionist and Judge for breeding and selection of Rottweiler breed in Bulgaria.

Gergana Atanasova is a specialized Exterior Judge for the breed Rottweiler and Judge for Rottweiler breeding and selection approved by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale FCI. She participates as Judge in international exhibitions - Bulgaria, Russia, Australia, Brasilia.

Gergana Atanasova is devoted to breeding and breed selection for more than 20 years. She pays special attention to the selection which gives high level guarantee for dogs’ qualities, as well as their appearance and their temperament.
The aim of the selection is to choose dogs which complement each other physically and in terms of temperament, to be closer to the ideals of the breed. All breeding animals are with HD frei, ED frei, BH, ZTP. They are physically and mentally healthy, energetic, endurant, loyal, affectionate and with an excellent socialization.

Observing the rules of selection and breeding combined with feeling and experience – the aims are achieved.

Our priority is to create generations of quality Rottweiler corresponding to the standards for Rottweiler and especially which will satisfy their future owners with extraordinary love and devotion which have become notorious for our dogs.

Gergana Atanasova as Judge at the 18th National Contest for Rottweiler in Brisbane, Australia, 2008.